Code Of Conducy

Every social space needs a code of conduct. A great open source example of a COC can be found at the XOXO Fest. And one I was involved in writing can be found over at Game Workers Unite.


Fost of, everything exists on some form of spectrum. As the discovery of trans gender identities has changed my life and allowed me to learn a lot about myself, I recommend taking a look at some of this info:

Consent & Open Communication

After having taken part in a workshop on consent by Carey French I re-evaluated the interactions and communication I have with other humans. Their consent zine is a great resource (I distribute it at events I visit).

Using consent as the concept of avoiding assumptions in intimacy as a starting point, I extrapolated a practice of open and honest communication. The goal is to form bonds with humans in which everyone can feel heard and taken seriously – and give the same sense to the other party. Allowing and respecting the other persons opinion and feelings – and celebrating when we can find ways of making life better for each other.


Since we lost the war, here are some resourcea to protect youself:


I’ll share some of the resources I have used to educate myself and keep up to date with whats happening in the world:

GitHub Repository

For a while I have been bringing together resources about programming, game audio, and various other topics at this repository. Eventually that and this page will merge in some form or fashion.

Vancouver Game Community

When I first arrived in Vancouver the thing that fascinated me the most was the sense of community with in the game development and audio scene. Specifically the monthly Full Indie and Vancouver Sound Designers Meetup groups have forged a welcoming environment. The annual Full Indie Summit is in my opinion one of the best game conferences. I also want to give a huge shout out to the folks at Indie Pod!

Sound Design

Although I don’t do sound design anymore (and video editing is rare too) I am (still) a big fan of the audio software REAPER by Cockos Inc. The ability to change the layout, define custom actions, optimize menus and even add custom own functionality via scripting enabling automating work flows. I developed a demonstration a while ago for a batch exporting process for game audio on The Reaper Blog. I have set up a repository of the scripts I have written for Reaper that’s available on GitHub and it is fully compatible with the ReaPack package manager.

For composition I use Ableton Live.
if you want to get into game audio, check out Audiokinetic’s Wwise, Firelight’s Fmod Studio and Tazman-Audio’s Fabric middle-ware as well as both the Unity and Unreal game engines.