Hi there! My name is Maris Tammik and I identify as queer, trans femme & non-binary (my pronouns are they/them). I work as an audio programmer at A Shell In The Pit Audio. My passion lies with that magical place where sound meets code. I am available for non-binary modeling or DJing gigs. I’m all about consent based interaction. Open communication. Empathy. If you want to, follow my personal twitter or instagram 😉

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I create our in-house audio tool Moona which powers the sound experience for a variety of independent video games. These tools enable sound designers to craft & iterate on interactive audio experiences with ease and provides a simple, yet powerful API to game developers. As there are very few audio programmers I am involved setting up Game Audio Coding to encourage and support sound people who want to learn about programming. Please feel free to reach out if you have ideas or want to show support!