Practicing Mindfulness

I spend all day in front of computer screens typing. This is not a good thing for my body. What I should do is take regular breaks, take a walk every day, stretch, do yoga, all that stuff. The issue is that I sometimes just enter that zone and dive deep into my work – oblivious of my surroundings and my body.

To combat this “work frenzy” I have started practicing mindfulness and I want to share the first step on this path with you. It’s been working beautifully for me 🙂

I have a Tibetan bell called Tingsha (A tweet with video) which I used to use to meditate. It’s rather heavy so I don’t want to carry it with me everywhere. What I ended up doing was record a single ringing sound (download links below), put it on my phone and let it remind me – once every hour – that an hour has passed. It reminds me to check my mindset, reset, take a deep breath. I take more breaks now and even though they mostly just last seconds or a couple minutes I have realized there has been a major change in my state of mind.

If I am stressed when the bell goes off I will calm myself. If I am sore I will stretch. It has improved my daily life and my all around happiness so here it is:

I recommend you do the same.

I use the app Hourly Reminder for Android (Play Store, FDroid Store) which allows me to set an interval as well as a range of hours through the day that the sound should happen. You can choose any of your phones ring tones or any sound file (I use this one DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, GDrive). I’m sure you will be able to find something equivalent for your phones operating system.

I hope you find this useful and can use this practice to improve your every day life:)